Vanessa Lodigiani is a painter and performance artist born in Mexico City. She studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts of La Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Painting and engraving.  Artistic residencies: Galeria Arbaca, Resident Artist, Paris, France, received the LIA Leipzig International Art Program residence in Germany. She worked and assisted the renown master engraver Giorgio Upliglio in Grafica Uno in Milan, Italy. She has exhibited her work and performances in Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, Leipzig, Mexico City, Naples, New York, and Rome. She has participated in multiple individual and collective exhibitions. After almost two decades away from her birth land, having lived in seven countries and eleven different cities;  the last four years in Berlin working at the FAHRBEREITSCHAFT Haubrok Foundation she is back in Mexico City where she is working on larger scale paintings with an new medium of ink on canvas.




Lodigiani´s work is focused mainly on painting, drawing and performance. With interests in philosophy and a past in psychoanalysis, her work fundamentally circles around human existence, taking gender, historical and cultural elements as points of reference for the development of her work. ¨I deal with issues related to gender, race, the human body as a vessel, as well as the interpretation and use of signs and symbols in contemporary popular culture¨. 


"My work is based on visual contrast and the introduction of a strange element into a specific environment. Creating chaos as a way to find essence, unity and balance through the extreme".


In her painting, collage is the medium she chooses to build the structure of what will later become a painting. There is a strong symbolic content in the subjects she chooses to portray in her work, through a methodical order of piecing she constructs archetypes and self contained systems in which the symbol acts as both organic matter and metaphysical force that transcends its form. The finished result taking us from the particular to the general in a contained cosmogony where everything is interconnected. The paintings carry out as poetry, one form feeding the next uncoiling like a snake into a narrative of life.


Drawn by the mystery of the duality in things; this force which is both movement and unity, this tension between opposing forces, this motor that is the energy of life itself, the fleeting  balance, the transcendence and the presence of matter. The goal is to find an essential unity, a merging point where the whole is identified.


"There is always a symbolic charge in the images that I choose, which serve as metaphors for my visual language, I seek to create my own order of things, an isolated system within the Grand Order of the all"

Vanessa Lodigiani