Pantheon and Streets of Rome.  Rome, Italy 2012



I walked to the Pantheon were I stood in front of the building motionless for ten minutes then entered and proceeded to stand in the center of the space slowly raising my head to stare at the light coming through the open cupola. It was like staring into the eye of God. I suddenly found myself entering an enhanced spiritual state, I felt myself becoming very present, lucid, a feeling of warmth and joy took hold of me. I had a very powerful aesthetic experience and felt that many of the people that were around me observing were also experiencing this. They saw a young nun: a representation of purity and kindness, a faithful servant of God standing in this holy ancient place. A head a gift out for them. Flashes started going off and despite the amount of tourists inside the Pantheon in summer, a halo of space around me was left empty.  

The moment was interrupted by a priest that tapped me on the shoulder to ask me where I was from and what order I belonged to...I hadn’t really thought of all I could say was,  “I’m from Mexico, I’m visiting Rome and I am... Teresiana” quick reference to St. Teresa de Jesus. When I finally stepped outside my feet seemed not to touch the ground.

*I researched later and found that the “Teresianas” are not a religious order.