Former GDR building in Lichtenberg. Berlin 2012

“WOV is known as a time frame within which defensive measures are reduced, compromised or lacking”

The space is inside a huge abandoned building of the former GDR in East Berlin, it is surrounded by car repair shops and mechanics, it has been abandoned for nearly 30 years, it is dark, dirty and silent. I enter the room blindfolded, dressed only in red tights and wearing 12 cm high heels. Willingly I have entered a window of vulnerability where my defensive measures are reduced due to my lack of vision, my movements are compromised by extreme hight of the heels I am wearing and my security is lacking due to my nakedness, which makes me  even more raw. I attempt to perceive the space guided by my other senses, moving very slowly I stumble through the room trying to finding a way out. I wanted to capture the feeling I experienced when first arriving in Berlin. Where I felt my defensive measures were reduced by not speaking the language, my identity was compromised for not knowing the culture and my motivation was lacking for not understanding the codes. I was in a “window of vulnerability” trying to find the key, the light.